Poytiano music videos

A cover of the infamous Korean children’s song featuring the Egglettes! Video, illustration and audio by Joyce.


For more singing eggs, watch a dozen sing an excerpt of Beethoven’s “Choral” Symphony No. 9. Guaranteed to be a joyous and protein-rich experience.

An original composition and video by Joyce to reinforce solfege in a fun way to her kindergarten through 2nd grade classes.


If you like Bill Withers, you can learn so(u)lfege with “Lean on Me.”

Poytiano live excerpts

A minute-long clip of a synchronous Poytiano class on Zoom through the Homeschool Co-op.

A video edited by Joyce of her performance at the 2019 LA Asian Pacific Film Festival’s Itsy Bitsy Shorts program.

A screenshot of a Poytiano class on Zoom for Homeschool Cooperative 2020 😎

More music and videos

Music/Producer/Story/Art Director: Joyce
Director/DP/Producer/Editor: Jon Pears
AC/Gaffer: Logan Lemmon
AD: Krystal Ellsworth


The title track to album “Dream of Home,” this won Best Music Video at LA’s Asians on Film Festival and the Houston Asian American Pacific Islander Film Festival.

Music/Editor/Producer: Joyce
Director/Producer: Heesung Kim
Camera: Taegyun Kim


Video includes subtitles in a dozen languages from friends and fellow Americans who understand the feeling of being expats and singing of home.