Joyce is a musician, content strategist, and producer who has been working to increase access to the arts through storytelling for the past decade. Through video production, brand strategy, teaching artistry and song, she has been crafting stories about folks of the diaspora, arts institutions, and musicians rooted in jazz and classical music traditions.


Producer/Story/Art Director: Joyce
Director/DP/Producer/Editor: Jon Pears
AC/Gaffer: Logan Lemmon
AD: Krystal Ellsworth


The title track to my album “Dream of Home,” I produced this music video and screened it at indie film festivals. It won Best Music Video at the Asians on Film Festival in Los Angeles and the Houston Asian American Pacific Islander Film Festival.

Editor/Producer: Joyce
Director/Producer: Heesung Kim
Camera: Taegyun Kim


Video includes subtitles in a dozen languages from friends and fellow Americans who understand the feeling of being expats and singing of home.

Editor/Music: Joyce
Camera: Heesung Kim


The spiritual “(Sometimes I feel like a) Motherless Child” sung by a choir of Joyces in concert black. An imaginative music video made on a shoestring budget.

Editor/Co-producer: Joyce
Art Director/Producer: Mark Davis
Camera: Michael Jozwiak


A case study of Tronvig client National Museum of Women in the Arts.

Video: Joyce


This is one piece of a larger campaign built on a brand idea of “singing our story,” amplifying a shared experience of Asian Americans and, more generally, New Americans. Strategically launched during Asian Pacific American Heritage month, the fundraising campaign was featured on the Kickstarter homepage for a week.

Vocalese story, illustration & narration: Joyce


Press the bear’s nose to listen to the tale of Crescent the Chromatic Bear and his friends Bessie, Lonnie, and the Wise One, sung over Coltrane’s solo on “Crescent.” 🐻

Video, illustration & audio: Joyce


A cover of the infamous Korean children’s song featuring the Egglettes! For more singing eggs, watch a dozen sing an excerpt of Beethoven’s “Choral” Symphony No. 9. Guaranteed to be a joyous and protein-rich experience.


JAZZ TOILET focused on restrooms in jazz clubs, mainly in Manhattan, as well as other extramusical things of note from 2012 to 2015. It was a culture blog, framing the conversation about jazz around an experience common to everyone from the musicians on stage to someone visiting a jazz venue for the first time. Posts were supplemented with translations of “Where’s the restroom?” spoken by New Yorkers in their multitude of languages.


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A blog post on the experiential museum for Tronvig on a visit to the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts.


Are interactive features like card-making booths and ambient sounds at art museums “infantilizing prattle” distracting from the art? Or a way to engage audiences who might otherwise be lost?


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Adapted the JAZZ TOILET sign for the pandemic phenomenon that is Animal Crossing, a life-simulation game where you can visit real-life friends and strangers. Designed and recreated on the Nintendo Switch in preparation for the upcoming opening of the Animal Crossing Jazz Club.

Recreated my headshot in Animal Crossing style to plug upcoming gigs from my island. Here’s a performance of a K.K. Slider cover in front of the plaza.

An ongoing series of 15-second clips for Instagram Stories documenting the real-life game of eating dumplings set to chiptune counterpoint. Intro video created in collaboration with director Eric Hinojosa’s team and subsequent videos and audio by Joyce.

A favorite pastime of mine is taking snippets of life and creating gifs. Here’s one of friends captured on Zoom from a fundraising event and a gif from a gift set for a 30th birthday.

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